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The scent of reunion in the air – part 2

Those of you who read my blog post from a couple of years ago about my imminent reunion with my soul mate might be wondering what happened.

Well, reunion didn’t happen. At the time, it was so close… things between us were balanced… he had come into his power and so had I. Everything felt “right”. But then he dropped the ball and went backwards. And looking back, maybe I went backwards too.

I was slowly becoming fixated on “the relationship” and I was gradually slipping back into old habits and not being 100% with my new set of disciplines. After all, things were going so well!!

But when things are going well, that’s when we slip up. That’s when we feel it’s ok to cut a little corner here, a little corner there… but gradually we can slip back into our old ways.

I hadn’t slipped backwards too much with my disciplines… maybe 20%… but that was enough for me to feel it. And as a result, the universe sent me Big Soul Mate Number 2 to set things right.

And now? Now I feel the love and the power and my energy and I need nothing else… I feel happy and free! And I have once again found that place where we should all be residing… where we have everything we need WITHIN OURSELVES.


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I met another soul connection. A big one.

I met another soul connection. A big one.

Why did I meet another one? There were lessons to be learnt.

This connection was even bigger than my first one. I managed to balance out the energies so I didn’t feel the PULL any more… but the lesson was still unlearnt.

I was the LAST person to know what my lesson was. We always are… and it’s because we can’t SEE it that we need to LEARN it.

I was so focused on what was wrong with HIM… and it was quite obvious to me what his issues were. There were a lot of them. But I hadn’t shone that same light on myself.

Once the pull was gone, after I had balanced out the push/pull energies, I felt balanced but I wasn’t happy. Hmmmm…

I spoke to Steve Gunn, who had helped me through my karma in the past. Two minutes with him and he had hit the nail on the head. I had become OBSESSED with LOVE and a relationship. I had become ADDICTED to the high that I felt when in love with ANOTHER PERSON.

He helped me tighten up my disciplines around my energy work, which had slipped… and after the session, the old powerful ME was back.

And I felt the LOVE and PASSION that I had been seeking from these connections, but I felt it from within myself. It had come from within all along…

I saw that I didn’t need these men or the relationship. I had everything I needed right here…

The universe sent me another soul connection and the reason, as it always is, was CHANGE and LESSONS. For BOTH people… never just one…

And I thank the universe for showing me that I had what I was looking for all along… inside me.

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But you COULD be amazing…

The problem with soul mates is that we often see their potential. We see how strong they should be… we see how caring they could be.

But I have found that the reality is always completely different.

Our energy FEELS their potential, but they are not there yet.

They aren’t the loving, strong and open person they should be. In fact, they are far from it. They are closed to feeling emotions. They are resistant to change. They treat you badly. And although they should be your equal, they are not.

But that’s one of the purposes of these connections… for them to grow, and us too. For maybe we have not yet reached our potential and we cannot see it. Just like them…

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A balanced relationship

I was tested in love recently… well, it is Venus retrograde after all!

I met a powerful soul mate. He is a Taurus and to say his actions have been confusing is an understatement.

He would keep me at arm’s length but still want to be in contact with me. He kept all his cards close to his chest and there was no balance in our interactions. In the end, I had to choose: do I put up with this so I don’t ‘lose’ him? Or do I not settle for this behaviour and walk away?

I chose to walk away. I have just sent him a message pointing out that I love him but he can’t treat me like that.

If there is imbalance in a relationship, it can never be a healthy or fulfilling one. And it will be you who suffers and who is compromised…


Mercury retrograde…

I never had the faintest clue that mercury retrograde existed until my soul mate did a runner… And he came back. Then he did another runner… And came back. This happened over a couple of retrograde periods. It was insane, he was all over the place, like a yo-yo. It drove me crazy, I was at my wits’ end and I didn’t know what to do. I stumbled across an article about mercury retrograde and started to see the cycles of the universe … The cycles that affect all living things. And mercury regrade is just one of them.

i used to be afraid of what the next retrograde might hold… And indeed during each cycle there were usually big shake-ups. Usually involving my soul connection. But I also started to see that these were opportunities for huge growth. And my soul connection and I grew the most during retro… It just wasn’t always pleasant. But it was growth and progress nevertheless.

Now, my view of retrograde is not so one-sided and pessimistic. I relish the fact that mercury retrograde will shine a light on issues that need fixing within me. And after each retrograde I come out a little bit wiser. I call mercury retrograde the universe’s “getting things done” cycle.

What have you noticed about mercury retrograde?

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The scent of reunion in the air

I can smell it… I haven’t seen my soul connection in a year, but I feel that soon I will be able to leap into his arms. Over the past 8 months, since he hit rock bottom (see my previous post), each time he has contacted me he has seemed stronger… He is changing! He used to make so many excuses for why he couldn’t be with me just this moment – he was all talk, no action – but now all those excuses are gone. He has a job to do, and he isn’t complaining any more, there are no more excuses. He is just doing it. Since he hit rock bottom, he has contacted me every couple of months, and each time he is stronger. And the energy between us has changed! No longer is there that terrible push/pull, no longer is there any need. There is just peace, balance, love and happiness between us. The karma seems to be dissipating. Last weekend he called me, and I heard his voice for the first time in a year. It was just beautiful… And since then, we have been casually texting each other. It seems the way has been paved for us to begin our relationship anew, if we so wish. But this progress didn’t happen by waiting, it happened by ‘doing’. It happened through change and growth. For us both. When I decided to learn my lesson and balance my energy, I helped him… And the more I grew, the more he grew. I am glad that I went out there and learnt the tools to help not just myself, but him as well.

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‘Comfort zones’ can kill

Yes… they can kill your happiness… they can kill your ability to grow.

I stayed in my comfort zone for many years… 17 to be precise.

That is the length of time that I stayed in a relationship with someone, when I really should have moved on.

I stayed with my boyfriend (who then became my husband) for too long because he was ‘easy’, ‘safe’, ‘comfortable’… and I could control him. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED him and still do… and we still get along very well… but I stayed with him when I instinctively knew I should have moved on; I had simply outgrown him. So I became a shell… I wasn’t ‘living’… I started to not be the real ‘me’. I buried emotions… until…


I met a very strong soul mate, who woke me up! Not only did he wake me up, but he blew me out of the water. What was I doing??? Why was I married to this person who I felt was more of a brother figure to me? All of a sudden, I realised it was all very, very wrong. That I was with him for the wrong reasons… I was with him for security, not love… because change is HARD… because I was scared…


But that all changed once I met that strong soul connection.


Since breaking free from each other, my ex and I have both grown so much. We both have more opportunities… we are happier… we both have more balance. We are growing… no longer are we stuck.


But it was the HARD path. It wasn’t easy to do by any means… but it has become clear to me since then that the hard path is usually the ‘right’ path… because after the tests come the rewards. And no one ever got anywhere by taking the easy path…


By staying in your comfort zone, you get nowhere. You stay stuck. And those around you stay stuck as well… and then after a while, your comfort zone seems to shrink… until you’re pretty much uncomfortable with everything!!


Once you start slowly breaking out of your comfort zone, you will actually start to grow.. things that scared you before won’t scare you so much anymore. You will start to get out there and experience life, get to know new people, broaden your horizons. And people around you start to see that there is another way to go about things… you become an example to them…


Funnily enough, my recent relationships have been with people who have been well outside of my original comfort zone… and slightly outside my current comfort zone. But I went into those relationships regardless… and I came out with an ever smaller ‘uncomfort zone’.. so now I am scared of even less! So, I have grown again, and I continue to grow and improve still…


Now, when I talk to people about my experience, they get this strange look in their eye… I am telling them my story, and they start thinking about their own situation… I can see it all happening, their mind is going a million miles an hour. They can see that they are in the same situation as I was in, but change seems ‘too hard’ and ‘too scary’. I can totally understand that, and I am pretty sure that if my powerful soul connection hadn’t come along, I would still be in that marriage. So I am thankful that the Universe saw fit to show me there was another way…


So, maybe try chipping away at that old comfort zone, see what happens… because I can guarantee that it isn’t doing you any favours. 🙂